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Hi, my name is Fozzie. Welcome to my home page. I was born December 7, 1992 and I am a Pembroke Welsh Corgi. My AKC name is Bevies Find Lil Perot. My adoptive parents gave me that name because I was located by my Aunt Beverly Montgomery and my niece Alison Heather Montgomery and because I'm a lot like Ross Perot - I have big ears, act a little crazy and am very smart.


This page contains pictures of animals not wearing clothes. If your jurisdiction prohibits access to such material or if you are easily offended by naked Corgis and other animals, please leave this site now. - Fozzie

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Snoopy, say it ain't so!!!

Kevin Robbed in 2004 Westminster Dog Show

Scandal at Crufts

Whip it. Whip it good!

NEW YORK, NY, United States (UPI) -- The owner of the prize-winning whippet that escaped while being loaded into an airplane in New York City says she won`t give up the search.

Dog owner Jil Walton, and the whippet`s trainer, Paul Lepiane, have stayed in New York City since the end of the Westminster Dog Show. Champion Bohem C`est La Vie, who answers to the nickname Vivi, escaped Wednesday as her travel cage was being loaded onto a flight, the New York Daily News reported Sunday.

The dog owner, trainer, animal control officers and airport security searched for the dog for two days and then put out a trap with dog food to lure the dog.

\'We have a little bit of hope because the airport radar ... had an animal about her size moving toward the runways last night,\' Walton said. \'They sent out a patrol to check and they found nothing. It`s all totally grasping at straws, but it`s something

I've never been that excited about baseball. My mouth isn't big enough and they are really hard to chew on. Girls may flock to see Derek Jeter's butt, however the bitches in my neighborhood are watching the tail of Chase that Golden Thunder at Waterfront Park.

Queen Elizabeth's royal corgis can really herd!!!
Here they are surrounding a visiting soccer team.

Hey, when somebody says "dinner", I'm there, but these aren't my idea of dog lovers. Canine cuisine to me is Mighty Dog & a biscuit but some folks think its Rover on a bun.

I've got my rolled up newspaper because someone's been really BAD! Fozzie's Hall Of Shame

I would like you to meet Fozzie's Friends.
And, check out the Web pages of NipperCam and Mr. Winkle

Read about Jockster's search for his family along with other mail I receive - It's a dog's life being a celebrity!

Check out Porthos - beagle in space! Nice ears guy!

Jay Leno can have his laugh at our expense, but there are some pretty wacky humans too!


Belker, my family's PWC before me, had a dream of going into show business. Hour after hour he would practice hoping for that call from Ed Sullivan. He longed for the chance to perform before an audience (just like a Corgi). I was able to find this rare photo of Belker performing. That's him spinning 4 plates at once!!!

We know that dog's are man's best friend, but sometimes man or woman can be a dog's best friend. Whenever I see a random act of kindness by a human toward us canines I'm going to add it to this page. Nominations are welcome.

Where did pets come from? Find out in the Lost Chapter of Genesis.

Here's my friend Monty with his just completed self-portrait in snow.

I don't know much about art but I know what I like. And, I like Corgis. So what better combination than Corgi art. All you budding artists out there are invited to send me your best likeness of me - or any Corgi for that matter. I'll display it here in my Art Gallery

Check out Leonard Maltin's Top 10 Dog Movies of all time.

Corgi daycare?
As a Corgi, I know ears. And, I know Mr. Jeffries (right) has record breakers. Measured at 11.5", they are in 2004 Guinness Book of World Records. Mr. Jeffries, whose full name is Knightsfollie Ladiesman, is the grandson of Biggles - the face of Hush Puppy shoes. The ears are insured for $47,500.

More and more dogs can be found in Internet chat rooms

While most of us enjoy the peace and quiet when our humans go to work, that time alone can get us into trouble. Hey, nobody's perfect and I've perferated a loafer or two, but don't let it get out of paw. But, the first step is admitting you have a problem.

I've got a new gig! The folks at needed someone to write an advice column for pets and yours truly immediately came to mind. So if you're confused, tired of asking Miss Cleo whether that Yellow Lab's been cheating on you, or have just been barking up the wrong tree - Ask Fozzie.

EXCLUSIVE! A photo of Scooby Doo Naked!(He's not wearing his collar!)

Fozzie's Favorites

There's nothing like chasing a ball to put that old pep back in your paws. The San Francisco Giants baseball team recently signed 6 Portuguese Water Dogs to retrieve baseballs from the bay. In addition to Shadow (shown on the left) meet these athletes.

Here are some links to Corgis and other special canines.

I came across a touching story that I thought you might enjoy. Puppies For Sale

I sometimes compete in the Internet's Virtual Dog Show

Here are some links about dogs in general. Tell your owners to look over these links because some teach them how to care for us.

I get mail from all over. Just see.

I think I'm a pretty good swimmer, maybe not as good as that Spitz named Mark, but I can paddle. I play it safe though and always check to be sure I'm at the shallow end before I jump in.

It's really tough, fellow Corgis, to find good Corgi clipart for our home page. All you ever see is either the generic "cartoon" dog, an inter-racial pooch or a lab or poodle. Well, I found a place that offers free clipart featuring Corgis (PEMS as well as our more endowed relatives. Check out Fuzzy Faces and tell them Fozzie sent you.

How many dogs does it take to change a light bulb? Find out.

Dogs and Lawyers: Bite worse than bark?

Canines do some amazing things. Read about my heroes.

  While I don't like to brag, I'm quite proud of my home page. But, as good as this is, I've found a Corgi with a home page that rivals mine. You just gotta visit Kipper's home page

This is a silly exercise, because everyone knows that Corgis (sans tail or tailed) make the best pets, but, should you wish to consider other canines, here's a site for you disbelievers. Excite will help you in choosing a four-legged family member

Having trouble coming up with a name for that new little puppy? Take a look at Fozzie's List of Famous and Not-So-Famous Dogs for some ideas.

Visit Ticket Dog's Web Site

To hear Fozzie whistle "Ladies Of Spain" click here.

See where Corgis are on the canine intelligence list.

O.K. Corgis. I want all of you to get your humans to nominate you for Dog Of The Day! While Corgis have the advantage of being smarter and better looking than the other pets, let's see how many Corgis we get have selected!

Don't forget the Corgis and other pets that have gone before us that are waiting at Rainbow Bridge.

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