Cassie (Bill Heine)

Chaos (Nick & Christine Persichetti)

Chasse (left, w/Whitman) (Virginia & Chris DiMartine)

Cole & Victoria (Christiana Carty's)

Comet (Nickie Kapetanakis')

Courtney's Miracle Mario (Debbie Mullen's)

Evan and Emma (Elizabeth Swain's)

Fozzi (Pieniazek)

Forty Karats (Dill's)

Gabby (Carol & Regina Killings)

Ginger at 18 months old (JoAnne's)

Honey (JoAnne's)

Honey (Meg Mahon's)

Howbout Kabuki Yoda Imes (Howbout)(Catherine Imes')

Iella The Macaw (Sue Pavese's)

Ivy (April Canaday's)

Jazz (Rick Meale's)

Jesse (Shown with Kaili, Loretta & Darra Boyd)

JR at 3 months (Joanne Petto's)

Jingle, Baby & Tundee (Francine Smith's)

Jinx(Mary Alice Everett's)

Kirby (Linda Weber's)

Kozmo (Bob & Kathy Elguicze's)

Kramer(Phil Joiner's)

Kuma (Donna Jackson's)

Luther (Carol Miksad's)

Malibu Mallozzi (JoAnn Lombardo)

McKenzie(Allison Montgomery's)

Minx at 12 years (Joanne Petto's)

Misty (Rick Meale's)

Monty (Ilyse Zincone's)

Monty & Maizie

Muffin and Muffin relaxing (Tom & Margie Stewart's)

Nipper(Mike Martin's) Nippercam

Peaches(Carol & Lauren's)

Puss (As Beauty from "Beauty & The Beast)(Carol Kurtz')


Rocky (Glenna & Roger Smith's)

Shadow(Helen DeBonis')

Shiloh(Ginny & Paul Houzzu's)

Simon (Diane Carbone-Buytkins')

Sinjon(Jean Rademacher's)

Snowy March (Jim Benyon's)


Susie (Peggy Toth's)

Suzie (Susan Robbins')

T-Bone (Chris & Kristy Norris' coonhound/lab)

Tori (Pictured with her human, Todd Dallmann)



Wallace(Victoria & Tony Ostrander's)

Whitman (right, w/Chasse) (Virginia & Chris DiMartine)

Winnie (Adelaide Phelan's)

Woody (The Woldoff's)

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