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Anniebelle's Page

Here is Phoebe's Home Page.

Get your free, trial Welsh Corgi Screen Saver

Kipper's Home Page

I recently met Dill O'Hagan over the Internet. Dill creates great Pet Portrait Pillows While she has two cats, she also appreciates Corgi's like this pillow of Paddy. Check out Dill's page and tell her you're a friend of Fozzie's.

For a great understanding of Pembroke Welsh Corgis please read this article by Genie Murphy

Pembroke Welsh Corgi Breed Standards.

Pembroke Welsh Corgi Club of America

Welsh Corgi League Founded in 1938

Are you a Corgi lover? I know, stupid question. Who isn't? Keep up to date and exchange ideas and stories with other Corgi lovers on the Corgi L list server. Send email to: LISTSERV@TAMVM1.TAMU.EDU with a message of: SUBSCRIBE CORGI L. They're great people. You'll love it.

While you're at it visit the Official Corgi L Home Page and see some of the Corgi L members.

Want your pet's picture on the web? Want to know the names of celebrities' pets? Looking for tips on dog care? It's all here at The Buster News

Pug Dog Home Page

Great Recipes For Your Favorite Pup

Complete List of Dog Related E-Mail Lists

Canine Rescue Organizations

Shetland Sheepdogs

Dog Term Glossary

Ancestry Code List

Scooby Web O'Rama

Fluffy Net

German Shepherd Dogs

Dog Term Abbreviations


Canine Connections

Canine Companions For Independence

Talking Dogs

Heather, The Talented Standard Poodle

Pet Place For Dogs

No fire hydrants, no trees? Visit the Puppy John

Peace, Love and Pit Bulls

Smitten By The Poodle

Poodle Connections

Dog Quotes

Cyber Pet

Here's a link to Info Dog. A page with many features about breeds and shows.

If Corgis like to lay on their backs in the U.S., what do they do in Australia? Dogs Down Under

Leaderdog For The Blind

Companion Dogs

Gallup Poll On Dogs

A Dog Net

What The Dogs Have Taught Me

This list includes virtually every famous dog that I can think of. See if you can add to the Famous Dog Page

And now for something truly unusual, it's Puppy In My Pocket.

Thinking about turning pro? Then turn to the Show Dogs On-Line page.

The Dog House

Paw Prints Post

Cities and States That Ban Certain Dogs

Guiding Eyes For The Blind

Gone To The Dogs - On-Line Shopping

Bacon Favorites Awards

Animal Home

CompuPets Breeder Directory

Maren's Dogs' Home Page

The Pup Tent

Tibetan Spaniel Home Page

List of Names For German Shepherds

Jeff Tuttles' Home Page

Ray Plummers' Home Page

Canine E-Mail Lists

Secrets Of A Professional Working Dog Trainer

Working Dogs Magazine

The Dog Owners Guide

United States Police Canine Association

Avalanche Dogs

Dog Obedience and Training

Personal Protection Dogs

Professor Hunt's Dog Page

Dogs Of Spain

Alaskan Malamute Club of America

Borzoi Information

Joy of Mutts

Western Australia German Shepherd Obedience Club

Off Leash

Phi-Vestavia Cardigan Welsh Corgi

Rottweilers and Pugs

Shiba Information Galore

German Shorthairs

Chinese Cresteds

The Dog Poo Page

Tale Waggers

Throw The Ball

Cyber Pup

Dog Hause

Labrador Retriever Home Page

Woodhaven Labradors

Chihuahua Kingdom

Canine Sports Medicine Update

English Springer and Clumber Spaniels

Da Dane Of Da Week

American Shih Tzu Club

Playtime Shelties

Greyhound Pets, Inc(This is a non-profit organization)

Darr Houssen's World of Dogs

Dog House

My Life As A Dog

Eugene Gerstein's Dog Pictures Gallery

Farokh's Dog Page

K9 Valor - Police Dogs Killed In The Line Of Duty Dog Play

Clicker Page

Animal Behavior And Welfare

Council of Docked Breeds

Purina's Breed Selector

Here's a link to The Dog Owner's Guide(Let them believe they own us. We know that we really own them)

The Dog Home Page

As you know, a lot of humans miss our companionship when they go to work and use their computer. Well, they can get a virtual dog (not the real thing ) by visiting the Dogz page.

Speaking of missing dogs. Here's a link to a great page that allows you to put a picture of your missing dog out on the web. Just link to Missing Dogs.

Here's a site with all kinds of great canine info. It's Poochnet.

World Wide Woof

A great source for canine info is the home page of The American Kennel Club.

There's a lost dog. Find him and win the contest.

Ask Blue Dog. Can't figure out new math? Maybe you've been barking up the wrong tree.

World Kennel Club

Here's the home page of the first dog to go into the United States Senate. It's Beau

Cardigan Welsh Corgis(they're the one's with the tails)

More Cardigan Welsh Corgis

Welsh Corgis

ProDog Networks(Lists of breeders, handlers, organizations, etc)

American Dog Trainers Network

National Animal Poison Control Center (Bookmark this site; you may need it in a hurry - Fozzie)

Dog Information Home Page

Cool Pet

Travel Dog

Dr. Jim's Virtual Veterinary Clinic

Scat Mat

Karen Pryor Information about clickers

Gwen Bohnenkamp Information about selecting a puppy

Dog Training

Iams Company (Slow downloading - Fozzie)

Naria Dog Training

Texas K-9 Police

Dogs International

Dog Lover's Companion Guides

Not that it would occur to me but it's amazing what canines can do. Paws for a while at the Dog Bite Page.

Again, humans have to make fun of us. They think that we don't understand. They even have to resort to a page that talks about what they have to say to Bad Doggies.

Want to meet other pets on the Web? Visit the Pet Pages.

Here's a site for one of my puppy-hood heros. It's the one and only Augie Doggie Here's one I like a lot. The Doggy Home Page

The Canine Home Page

Here is a link to the Official Guide Dog Page

I may be skete-ing on thin ice here but you may find that the Monk's of New Skete will show you the way to a spiritual relationship with your owner.

Here are sites that help us get over the loss of a loved one:

Some birds are almost as cool as Corgis. Like Peregrine Falcons.

I don't get into a lot of political causes but here's one we should all get behind. Show your support and say No More Gates!

I don't know about you, but after a long afternoon of agility training or just pushing the sheep around, I reach for a Red Dog.

O.K. I know there are several links to cats, but you have to admire the iniative of even cats to publish their own e-zine. Follow this link to the The Freddie Street Cats.

Confused? Need help? Advice? Why not ask Mr. Puddy?