Hi! I just had a quick question about Badger, the dog in the MasterCard television commercials. Do you know what kind of dog he is? I want one but cannot figure out what he is. Please e-mail me. Thank you.
PS - Great website!

Jaime Michelle

Thanks for the e-mail Jaime.
  Badger is a Boston Terrier and is played by Toby. Toby's human translation voice is provided by actor Billy Crudup. Of course, dogs hear the commercial in canine.

Hello, my name is Jockster.Mother is a beautiful Corgi and Dad a charming golden lab, a great heritage, if I say so myself. I don't even try to picture their union - I'm just thankful it happened. My three siblings and I had a carefree puppyhood, enjoying Mom's dairy bar - available 24/7. We romped together and only occasionally did one of us nip too hard and receive another's teeth marks. As we grew a little bigger we would be visited by humans who tried to win our favor so we would adopt them and become their caretakers for the rest of our lives - a big order, but one we were all more than capable of. When I first laid eyes on Meagan and sniffed her out, I knew I had found my purpose in life - she was 13 and needed a lot of TLC. I let her know I was available and naturally she would not leave without me. Home was better than I could imagine - besides Meagan and her parents there were 3 other siblings in the household, as well as an exchange student and an older, docile female dog. I had to lower my standards and co-exist with 2 cats - a small price for being with my new family. I soon got my point across and tactfully let them know I liked Kibble & Bits and exercise was important.
It wasn't long before they caught on and we lived in harmony. Meagan, Mom and I often took long walks along the Chesapeake & Ohio canal. She got so into my regime that we took walks for miles.
One day we hopped in the car and went to Harper's Ferry and set out for our daily constitutional. Mom let me off my leash at a quiet, safe point in the walk. I led the way down into the canal (it was a very hot day) but Mom didn't follow. I was busy doing my thing and still she didn't follow. After a bit of time had passed and I wandered off a ways, I became a little worried - Barb was lost. I circled and tracked around but she still didn't appear. What to do? The only thing a corgi would do - look for her. I walked and ran and walked and ran but still no sign of her. She was really lost. Darkness descended - I had never ever been alone for a whole night - this was serious! I kept following our scent, but hers was getting faint. I slept a little but couldn't relax. Where had that woman gone? I trekked on and on and daylight brightened the horizon. How was my family functioning without me to watch over them? I worried and I fretted as I dogged along (no pun intended) all day putting one paw in front of the other and my nose was worn down. Another night came. Where could she be?
The next morning I finally got to the Harper's Ferry railroad station and found the parking spot where we parked another day. I had traveled 50 miles and the woman wasn't there. Still lost, but I knew she would come back. A nice gentleman saw me camped there and could see I could use a square meal and some rest. He took me to his home and called my folks. (I wear my license so I won't lose my folks.) Mom and Dad rushed to me. They were so glad to be found. Being their caretaker isn't easy but usually very rewarding. I keep a better eye on them now. How easily and quickly they can get out of my sight.

Jockster, Delaware

Hi, my name is Leslie. I just had to say I believe your famous and not so famous dog list is amazing. You have the best and most accurate dogs listed on the Internet and I admire your expertise.


Leslie thanks so much for the kind words.

Hi there. I am interested in finding a Corgi theme wallpaper border. I have seen one a while back, but I can't relocate it now. I am buying a new house and want to decorate a room with the Corgi theme. I grew up on a farm in central Nebraska and we raised Pembroke Welsh Corgis.

Thank you, John

I haven't seen it but I'm sure one of my friends has. If you can help John out, let me know.

I was wondering if you have the name of the Bulldog in the TV series "Cannon PI" - it was in the 70s.


According to my information, there was no dog in "Cannon PI" which starred William Conrad. Conrad did, however, have a Bulldog named Max in a series called "Jake and the Fat Man". (Talk about people and their pets looking alike!)

Hi Fozzie,

I liked most of your website, but I think that in your hall of shame you don't understand all of the facts about the iditarod. See, a lot of people who are against the iditarod hear a lot of things from other anti iditarods and think the iditarod must be just so terrible to dogs. And all of the those "i hurt a dog" or other comments like that from rich new yorkers and people like that who've probably never even been out camping in their whole life don't understand the truth either. Everyone says that mushers over exhaust their dogs to death, and I'm not lying when I say dogs HAVE died in the iditarod, but it's not that much different from humans either. Three years ago I was running in cross country and a girl collapsed from exhaustion and had to be taken to ER. Dog deaths aren't common in the iditarod either, and mushers die too. The iditarod DOES have an anti-cruelty law, and dogs must be maintained in good condition and if they deteriorate in condition they are "dropped" at a checkpoint so they are not forced to run outside of their physical limits. Iditarod dogs are not abused. Just like any athlete they train for years just to do this one race. It's not like you would wake up in the morning and say "hey, I think I'll run the iditarod today, even though my team's not ready". Mushers WON'T ebter the iditarod if their team isn't ready and able to run. As for their anti-cruelty law, any musher will be DQ'ed if they cause any unneccesary pain or suffereing to the dogs, that includes: kicking, beating, punching, choking, dragging, starving, and anything else that will hurt the dog. All dogs that die must have a necropsy done to rule out abuse. And before each race, each dog MUST have a physical exam, bloodwork, proof of all vaccinations and worming, microchip implants to track the dogs so they can save it if it gets loose, and an EKG all done by a certified vet or they can't race. Dogs with epilepsy, fainting spells, and prgnancy can't race. They also must pass a pre-race exam by the chief vet. The very first words written under Rule 47 - Expired Dogs is "No dog death is acceptable". There is also a vet at every checkpoint. Now you can see the iditarod IS against cruelty to animals, I think you should see it from the dogs point of view. I have a competitivesprint racing team, I have four dogs, and I work at another sprint kennel, and the owners go to alaska every winter for racing. Their dogs ARE NOT neglected!!!!! They always have water available, their kennels are kept clean, I rarely see a poop! They are fed every day, and the owners even installed an irrigation system 5 feet off the ground to keep the dogs cool in hot weather. The kennel is in the forest, so they have shade, their nails are trimmed, they are very friendly, they do take their dogs to the vet, their vaccinations are current. Anyways, dogsledding is what these dogs live for. They love it - you should see it when they spot a harness or a sled, they all go crazy! You can't hear ANYTHING above the noise the dogs make! It sometimes takes 5 people to hold down a 6 dog team because they have to wait for the race official to tell them they can go. Sometimes, when the dogs are being brought in, their owners have to pick the dogs up because they sit down and refuse to go back to the truck because they want to keep running! They love it. Well, I have to go now. Please write back with your comments now that you know the truth about the iditarod! Thanks!


Thanks Lindsay. You certainly gave me a different look at the issue and I appreciate you taking the time to "set the record straight". I am adding your rebuttal to the information about the Iditarod.

Hi Fozzie, and Mom & Dad,
I found your web page through, Yahoo, and I thought you might like to add this article to your list of canine heroes? Regards,

Gloria Yang, London, UK

Sure Gloria. Thanks very much.

Hi. I am trying to find out the type of breed of the dog that plays Verdell. Thanks.


Verdell, who co-stars with Jack Nicholson in the movie "As Good As It Gets" is a Brussels Griffon. After six dogs vied for the part, the role of Verdell was given to Jill, a Brussels Griffon from Texas.

And I loved it! You are such a cute doggie. Yours is the first page I've seen that actually has a memorium for Buddy. That's very sweet.
Thanks for making such a great webpage! It's seeing things like this that make the work day go by a little easier.


Now that's a cute website, it will certainly make anyone smile. Here are PIB and Gypsy. These are two of my 4 corgis.

I visited your homepage and saw your list of favorite movies. I am trying to find the movie "Little Dog Lost" and saw it on your list. Do you know where this movie can be found? I thought it was a Walt Disney movie but I could not find it on their website. I saw this movie a long time ago and it was the beginning of owning, loving and breeding Welsh Corgis. Any help you can provide would be greatly appreciated.

Thanks. Bev

"Little Dog Lost" was produced by Perkins Films Ltd and telecast by Disney Television in 1963. The movie about Candy the Welsh Corgi was based on a novel by Meindert de Jong. My owner was able to get a copy on eBay a couple of years ago. Just keep checking those online auction sites.

Dear Fozzie,

Is it true that our humans will eventually look like us?

Your friend, Muffin

I don't think there's any truth to that. Here are some of my friends with their humans, what do you think?

I have a Pembroke Welsh Corgi that turn 1 year today. Her name is Elizabeth Abigail Chloe. We call her Chloe. I have had her in training for 6 months.

She has graduated from Obedience School & is now in Advance Off Leash training. She is very smart, sweet, adorable, lovable & just rotten. Of course I made her that way. She had bonded tightly with her Mommie, but here is my question Fozzie, when I go anywhere she chews up my things. From shoes, to magazines, to clothes to anything that belongs to me. I had decided to put her in the kitchen with a gate up. I put all her favorite toys in there with her, turn the radio on & leave a light on for her when I have to leave the house for work. But I can simply walk outside to take out the trash & if something that belongs to me is down, she will tear it up. I know that in her mind she is somehow paying me back for walking away from her, but how can I break her of this habit. Even in the kitchen she will still find something to tear up. What can I do?

Thanks for your help Fozzie.

Chloe's Mom (Debra)

Hi Fozzie!!!

I saw your website and thought I should send you a note to say how great I think it is!! My name is T-Bone. I'm a 2 yr old black and tan coonhound/lab mix and I live in Baton Rouge Louisiana with my humans, Kristy and Chris. I even marched in the Mardi Paws Parade that you linked on your site! And my humans work at CAAWS every weekend - I know because I sniff them down as soon as they walk in the door, they pet so many other puppies....But it's okay because I know those dogs need help and homes - I'm not TOO jealous.

I'd love to send you some Mardi Paws pictures but my mommy is SOOOOO slow in developing pictures. I'll give her a bite on the ankle to get her moving ;) If you look very closely at one of the M.P. pictures on the CAAWS website, www.caaws.org , you can see me and my mommy crossing the street in the background, and my daddy filming the CAAWS booth with a camcorder. Forget "Where's Waldo?" Let's play "Where's T-Bone!" :)

Well, Fozzie, I must go soon - it's almost time for my morning walk! Again, your website was great. I especially loved the English-to-Corgi translator, even though I am coonhound/lab, I could understand a little bit of it! Be sure to take a look at my webpage, "T-Bone's Doghouse"!

Enjoy my pictures, and have a grrrrrrrrreat day!


Thanks, T-Bone. I've added your picture to Fozzie's Friends

I think you are very cute!!!!! What is your favorite snack?


While I do like licking at the bottom of our back porch door when my human isn't watching, I think my favorite is a rawhide chew, lightly basted in an aromatic faux-beef marinade, that has been allowed to age to perfection under the sofa.


Fozzie where did your owners find this information,  my family and I also have a Welsh Corgi that we just barely got and would like to know some more information on it.  Oh and Fozzie I think the people you put in the hall of shame should go to jail I mean cutting out a dogs eyes or kicking a poddle mean and slaughtering dogs down right outrighteous.

sincerly your pal, cp

Hi my name is Fozzi too. I am a miniature schnauzer and I live in England. My pets called my Fozzi after the rock phosphorous (which is grey as well) but the name phosi was too complicated for my 8 year old pet so I got called Fozzi.

Hope you are getting lots of walks,


Dear Fozzie,

Are your owners stupid? Do you know Scooby-doo is always naked no matter what you think?

Signed your smart, non-dumb friend(Kristin Severson)

Do you know what irony is?


I don't know if you can help but I heard a story on tv (PBS) about a small dog and a Scottish police officer back in early 1900's or late 1800's where the dog would follow the cop around during his daily route and when the cop died the dog continued to appear regularly without the cop at certain places. The dog was memorialized when it died. Do you know what the dog's name was and perhaps the movie I think was made about him?

I happened to be looking at your web page about a Corgi and another page about famous dogs so i don't know if you can help me figure this out but I've been looking quite a bit with not much to go on but what I've mentioned here.


Grayfriar's BobbyJamie,
Why do people always take so much time before they speak to a Corgi?
Well, according to the commonly accepted story, Bobby was a Skye Terrier dog belonging to a Jock Gray, a farmer from the Pentland Hills, who regularly dined at an inn in Grassmarket, not far from Greyfriar's Churchyard.

When Jock Gray, died in 1858, the dog refused to leave his master's grave. He turned up regularly for 14 years at the inn at Grassmarket which had been frequented by his master and was fed there by locals who were taken by the dog's devotion. The story may have been embellished by John Traill, the owner of the restaurant.

Other versions suggest that the dog belonged to a local policeman and that while the dog was frequently found in the churchyard, it was also looked after by residents in the houses in nearby Candlemaker's Row. Greyfriar's Bobby died on 14 January 1872.

The story first came to prominence in the 1890s when Eleanor Atkinson, an American, first wrote the story which became a first reading book for a generation of many Americans who now love the story so much. The cute life-size statue to Bobby (undoubtedly the most photographed dog in Edinburgh) was erected on top of a drinking fountain outside Greyfriar's Churchyard shortly after the dog's death and in more recent times Walt Disney made a film about the dog's devotion.


Hi you adorable little puppy. I like Scooby Doo too. Your page is cute and I normally don't like dogs but I think I like Corgis now. Thanks for sharing.


Hi, your Fozzie is very cute. Is he your only Corgi? We own 3 Corgis as of now. Sky, Radar, and Midnite. They are our life.

E-mail back, Your Corgi Friend,

Hello, my name is Ryan Rickett, and I too have a corgi. Your dog is very handsome and you did a great job making this site.

Hi Fozzie!

My name's Tosh and I think yours is one of the coolest pwc sites I have seen!

My human would like to set up a site for me but she's been a little busy plus she needs to do some reading (O.K. a lot of reading) before she can stick loads of pix of me for the whole pwc world to see. For now, I'll just have her send you a .gif of me when I was younger (and skinnier!). I'm now at the ripe old age of 9 months plus.

Have a great woofin' day!

By the way, you can drop me a line.

Tosh (short for MacIntosh)
(aka Shantel Apple O' My Eye -- that's my Singapore Kennel Club name)

My name is Charlie Brown. I am 3 years old. My mom wants to do a web page about me, she is just learning how to do it. I live in the Houston Texas area. I have a Shih Tzu sister to play with (4 months old). Mom says I am very handsome and I know she is right. I love ice cream and like to go for walks.

Enjoyed your home page very much. I also own a corgi and love him very much. He developed diabetes last spring and now seems to be losing his eyesight. He is 11 years old.


Ivy is a 4 year old Libra, born on a huge ranch in Fredericksburg, Texas to Nugget and Demsey (call names of course).

I showed Ms. Thang her picture, as I was quite excited, but she just yawned, cocked her head to one side and asked if there was a food prize involved.

Ivy got to GO today.. complete with COLLAR and LEASH.. but ended up at the VET, where she got another SHOT and DR. SUSAN touched her bottom and feet, but she got to meet other DOGS! Capital letters are all in her vocabulary, especially the first three. Poor critter's got dreadful allergies and we constantly fight skin infections. Looks like she's be on antibiotics the rest of her life now. I'm told it's not a problem for her long-term health, but that the infections ARE. If left to worsen, the infection apparently manufactures an antigen that can cause kidney damage. Poot Ivy. Baths every three or four days, fish oil capsules, antihistimines, antibiotics and allergy shots (we both hate doing that - I would wield the needle, and she runs aways when the drawer that holds them opens). When she looks good though, she really looks good. She should be back in her best bib and tucker by Christmas, which is a good thing. The smell of rancid popcorn just doesn't make for a particularly festive time, and it embarrases her.

Give that furry stomach a pat for me, and a hearty orrrrooowwww from Ivy (yup, she's a big talker - people think she's growling, the sillies).

April and Ivy

Hi Fozzie -

My name is Emma and I have a brother named Evan and we just loved your web page. We are both two years old, but we are not litter mates.

Our Daddy bought me as a wedding present for my Mommy, (who is my favorite person in the whole world) and one day when I was being groomed, Mom and Dad found out about a six month old male who needed to be rescued.

That night we went over to his house to meet him and Mommy and Daddy realized that his owners had been abusing him. Mommy said he would be sleeping over and wouldn't that be fun?

Yeah, well, he never did leave and I keep waiting for him to go back home. Mommy says that we have to take special care of Evan because he was a puppy mill dog and then he went to a big, sad, department store pet shop and then his owners were mean to him. He seems to be settling in well though, and I guess it's ok if he stays. I was just diagnosed with epilepsy, so sometimes it's comforting to have him around, (he's just not allowed to go near Mommy - neither is anyone else for that matter). Anyway, we were wondering where you saw "Little Dog Lost", we noticed that someone else already asked you this question, but you didn't answer. Any info you could give us would help! Thanks!

Love, Emma and Evan

This is fun. You did a great job, entertaining and lighthearted without being silly.

Lisa, Ellicott City, MD

Hi Fozzie,

We think you're an adorable little pup and that you have a fun and entertaining home page. Some day I (Susan) want a dog just like you! Hope to see more pictures of you soon! By the way, who taught you to spin plates?

bow wow wow, The Thompsons

Dear Fozzie,

My name is Chestnut. I am a 5 month old female, and just got "the operation." I walk with my 13 year old boy on his paper route, and my "mom" (a human) in the mornings. I also like to discipline my little boy (7), my dad (also a human), and my cat. I was born in Lewisburgh, Pennsylvania, but now live in Elkins, West Virginia.

Thank you, Chestnut

We Corgi-lovers have to stick together.

I have also attached a pic of Ivy -- my Blackheaded Tri-colour Pembroke. She's nothing lass than FAB, of course. . . with a big voice and attitude to match (gee, what a surprise ;-> )

Give that pooch a big hug for me. . .
April from Texas

Dear Fozzie,

Well, Fozzie, I have to say you have a great web page, and yiour Mom (or Dad) did a great job on it! If you weren't the cutest little puppy in the whole world... And I just about collapsed when I saw the corgi with the four plates on his feet! I do love your sense of humor and especially enjoyed the corgi speak version of your page.

Thank you so much for the links to our pages, too!

Deborah of Fuzzy Faces - Michigan

Hello Fozzie,

I have visited your homepage and I really liked it, especially the dog links.

Marek of Slovakia

I surfed on in and just loved your homepage, Fozzie. Too bad you really can't whistle "Lady Of Spain". Em and Trav would have loved it. They're Pems too! We belong to Corgi L. This was a lot of fun. Thanks for the info and good humor. Keep up the good work!

Debba (human), Emma (PWC, age 4) and Travelyr (PWC, age 4)


Ruby and Chester here. We are blue-healer/retriever/lab mixes. I'm 7 months old and Chester is 2.5 years old. Our favorite activities include watching Boeing our parrot, waiting for Melvin the cat and of course patrolling the yard and sleeping on the sofa. We've been very busy sneaking on the computer when Mom's not home, trying to find this answer. What was the pedigree name of Jock from "Lady and The Tramp". Any ideas or could you point me in the right direction?

Thanks, Ruby and Chester

Thanks for the note Ruby and Chester. I've got to admit, you really came up with a tough one. Jock's pedigree name was Heather Lad O'Glen Cairn.

Glad I could help. - Fozzie

My two dogs Snoopy (mini dachshund) and Cholie (pound puppie) and myself wish to thank you for an enjoyable time visiting your site.

Dear Fozzie,

Thank you for including me on your friends page. I will show all my friends in the neighborhood.


I know this sounds stupid, but I have a friend who is trying hard to remember the name of a particular dog comic character. He was on TV in the '70s and was a hound of some sort, stood on his hind feet, spoke in a nasal tone of voice, and ran an elevator, often saying "Going up?" or "Going down?". I have looked through your dog list (which is VERY thorough, by the way), but none of the names or descriptions seemed to be what she is looking for. If you should happen to know of the cartoon dog I am referring to, please E-Mail me back.

Thank you.


Mark, I believe the dog's name is Droopy. I will add him to my list. Thanks. - Fozzie

Hi Fozzie,

I just got a Pembroke puppy and my breeder couldn't give me as much information as I would have liked to make my little fellow happy and healthy!

If you can give me any information on the following subjects I would be happy to hear from you!

What type and how much food will a puppy and then an adult dog eat? What type of training does a family, not a show dog need? Any help on "potty" training. What type of comb, shampoo, and other cleaning supplies are needed?

Also any help on any other subjects that you think a novice might need! Thanks so much for your help!

We named our puppy Benjamin Bradly King (Benji for short!) He is really cute. As it happens I do have a picture of my little "baby" that I would love to share! He is a handful but very loving! He has made fast friends with my son, all the kids in the neighborhood, and our kitty (Eskimo)!

I am trying to find out as much as I can on Corgis. I have been visiting as many web sites as I can, but there sure are a lot of Corgi lovers on the 'Net! It's really neat to see how much the breed is loved!

Sincerely, Cindy

Great page, Fozzie!

Haven't laughed so much since I visited the Dick E. Bird page. Your web site is a real hoot, as us bird-lovers would say.

I am presently owned by a Cardigan Corgi named A Christmas Memory (because her birthday is on Christmas day) otherwise known as Ginger. She likes to eat ice cubes, chase squirrels, birds, and chipmunks, and patrol our 1/2 acre yard. (No danger of her catching anything; she's a mite overweight.) She was preceeded by two Pembrokes who went on to Rainbow Bridge in 1984 and 1991 -- so you see I have been a Corgiphile for a long time.

I have some pictures of her in a rare Georgia snowstorm (1993), but don't have a web site. Could share them via E-Mail.

Keep us laughing. Do you have any pictures?

Aunt Gennie

Hi, I am enjoying your web page - I have been interested in your breed since I was quite young and am now considering purchasing my first pup. The thing is, I don't know where to start - I have been reading and have a copy of the 1998 Dogs Annual and have written to two breeders asking for information about this beautiful dog. Anyway, if you can enlighten me more - please do. Thanks. S. McNeill

Visit my page often and join Corgi L - Fozzie

Where oh where do you ever see "Little Dog Lost"? I have been trying for years to find a copy. My first Corgi came from Bundock's kennel. He was the trainer of Candy, the Corgi in Little Dog Lost.

I've had three others since that first one but none of them have had quite the personality that she did. All have been wonderful and loveable in their own way, but that first one -- wicked 'til the end.

Have to say though my latest is quite a character although he suffers from separation anxiety in a big way. Spends half his life glued to my ankle, but that's better than ignoring me I guess.

Today's Friday and I'm looking forward to spending the weekend with the pair I have now, Kelsey and Trevor, aged 3 and 1.


Dear Fozzie,
I'm a Scottish terrier mix from Georgia, my sister (she's a greyhound) and I notice that you had "Boots" listed on your dog page. We'd like to humbly suggest that his name was actually "Boot" and he was one of two mascots on the show. This is my owner's webpage with more about them: Mascots, Where Are They Now. (I only call her my "owner" because she pays the vet bills, but we know who REALLY runs the house don't we :-))
Thanks for a great page!
Roxy (and Pumpkin)

We really enjoy your web site, Fozzie, we have it in our list of favorites on AT&T Worldnet. My name is Roscoe, but officially my real AKC name is J and J's Little Rascal Roscoe. I, too, am a Pembroke Welsh Corgi and we look just alike - even the same markings. Are you by chance related to me? Please continue to update your little site, my mommy and daddy love it. If you have time, you can write to me.
See ya!

Hi Fozzie,
I didn't see any Cat Stevens on your list - don't you remember his 1st hit (sometime just before Norma Tanega's), "I Love My Dog"? And as for Norma Tanega, have you seen her lately? I've been searching the web and found a couple of references, but no strong leads - any ideas?
Cheers, Mary

Hey Fozzie!
My name is Sparky and I am a Pembroke Welsh Corgi. I am four years old and live on a ranch. My owner's name is Cori and we rodeo. It's a great life and I love it. But of course I sleep in the house on the bed. I have a great time and liked looking at your page. I'll come back soon. I love making Corgi friends.
See ya!!

We (bunch of sailors on a military base) read your list of dogs with relish (mustard, mayonaise, etc).
Question: What is the name of the dog on the box of Cracker Jacks?
Big bucks riding on this... coffee, sodas, etc.
Thanks, Lou

His name is Bingo. - Fozzie

Hi! My name is Scotty. I am a Pembroke Welsh Corgi and I live in Canada. I just turned 10 years old but I still enjoy life as much as I did when I was a pup. My master's name is Jim and he found your wonderful website dedicated to Corgi's. It is very interesting. We took a look at the "canine intelligence" rating and we both believe that Corgis are the smartest dogs around. I should know! Well so long for now; thanks for a very good website.
Your friends, Scotty and Jim

I love Corgis and am going to have one soon I love your page and the pics in the page too I also like Scooby Doo and Scrapydoo too.
Love, Kristy

I love!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! your Internet page E-Mail any time whether it is to talk about dogs or to sell puppies or anything.
Love, Geri

Dear Fozzie,
You are an inspiration to Corgi lovers. Thank you for making me laugh and cry all in the same website. May you be blessed with a long life of happiness.
A Corgi Lover

My name is Catherine, and I have a Pembroke Welsh Corgi. Her name is Kabuki. She happens to be a sweet, lovable, sneaky, clever, devlish-at-some-times tricolor.
This site is great... and you are right: people cannot hear dogs whistle!!!

Hi Fozzie,
I was lookin around to find out what kinda dog I have... she is too smart to be a mutt. But my vet said well she is a Corrigan Welsh, so I decided to take a look at you, and you are so pretty, I really like your color and you look so sweet when you were a pup.
You grew up quite nice. And you know my dog does look similar to you, the ears and the detail in your coats as well. So I guess the vet was right.
You be good, and oh by the way I really liked the "naked" Scooby Doo. Have a great day and ta Jones' dog in movie)