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"Heroes" - They come in all sizes, shapes and colors. But did you know that there are forgotton heroes that are not human, or so it seems?

For those men and women whose lives were saved by these four-legged courageous canines, that point may be debatable. I am referring to the War Dog, K-9ís that have been used to save lives from our American Revolution to the Desert Storm Conflict, and beyond. It is long past due, after more than 200 years, to honor the "War dogs" who made it possible for so many Americans to live and to come home.

We are in the preliminary stages of erecting a WAR DOG Memorial acknowledging the many contributions these scout, tracking, sentry and explosives and booby-trap detecting K-9ís have made throughtout our history.

It was during the Vietnam War alone, the dogs were truly manís best friend. Showing extraordinary courage, they are credited with saving the lives of over 10,000 Americans. Over 4,000 dogs gallantly withno regard for their own lives or safety. Sadly, as few as 140 dogs ever made it back home, and that was early in the war. Later, these "forgotton heores" were left behind to die friendless, unloved and unappreciated for their heroism in the service of the country.

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