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Letter Carrier Suspended After Kicking Dog

WINNIPEG (Reuters) - A Canadian letter carrier faces suspension after he kicked an aggressive poodle while trying to deliver mail to the dog owner's house.

Paul Schellenburg, who has delivered mail for 24 years in Winnipeg, has been taken off his regular route and faces a ten-day suspension for kicking the dog.

Canada Post officials said the incident, which took place about two weeks ago, confirmed on Thursday there had been a complaint by a home-owner against him for using excessive force against the small dog.

The letter carrier's union plans to file a grievance against Canda Post on the basis that the discipline is unjust.

"We were shocked, really. We've never had a letter carrier suspended for this in the past," Bob Type, a union officer told Reuters on Thursday.

"Apparently the customer is saying that the dog had a lesion on his lip and I guess the contact with Paul's foot cut the lesion open, and I guess there was a lot of blood," said Tyre.

Schellenberg was quoted by local newspapers as saying he did not kick the dog that hard.

"I took a step toward it and I kicked it so it would get out of my way," he said. "It wasn't a poodle-punt or anything like that. It was more like a brushing off."

December 1, 2000