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For The Pem Who Has Everything....
But A Tail

  • Personalized greeting cards, note cards, Christmas cards and Corgi L calendars can all be found at Savoie Faire Creative Imagery

    My Friend TY

  • Limited edition prints of Corgis can be found at Chris Lewis Brown Studio

  • Corgi fine jewelry and bronzes at Best Friends by Elizabeth Trail

  • Good looking and sturdy Corgi Tumblers

  • Handcarved and painted dog pins by Carrie Hutchman at Just My Dogs

  • Handpainted ceramic dog dishes are the specialty at Kathy Miller Designs

  • The 1999, 13 month, 395 Corgis-A-Year Wall Calendar ("You can't swing a cat without hitting a Corgi." - Fozzie)

  • Pins, figurines, glass pieces and wooden Corgis can be found at Fuzzy Faces

  • Corgi stamps can be found at All Breed Dog Stamps

  • For the best breed of dog you have to have the best glasses. These come with a Corgi AND a lifetime guaranty. Tervis Tumblers("Get a Corgi mug on a mug." - Fozzie)

  • Another spot for Corgi gifts is Animal Krackers Dog Gifts and Collectibles

    DISCLAIMER: Fozzie has not accepted any treats from the above and, while he has sniffed them all, he won't bite them if you're not happy.