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Burlington Recalls Dog Fur Coats

BURLINGTON, N.J. - The Associated Press

Burlington Coat Factory, the nation's largest coat retailer, pulled hundreds of men's parkas from its stores after a vendor admitted they were trimmed with fur from slaughtered dogs.

The Humane Society of the United States objected after an investigation and said the coat controversy was part of an extensive international trade in pelts of domesticated dogs.

In a report released Tuesday, the Humane Society said the fur is making its way into the United States in products ranging from gloves and scarves to parkas and trinkets.

A dozen dogs and two dozen cats are killed for a single coat, and the fur is not used for full-length coats, but for trim and accessories, the group said.

"When you pick up a coat that's labeled 'coyote' it could just as well be German shepherd", said Humane Society spokesman Brett West.

The company, with stores in 42 states, sold about 140 of the parkas and customers are being offered a refund or store credit, Bramble said.